Caching Out

Margarita solves puzzles. Bindi makes trouble. And whenever they’re not teaching jujitsu or upcycling vintage clothing, they indulge in their geocaching hobby in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. But if there’s one problem with trekking through unfamiliar terrain while hunting for hidden containers, it’s stumbling across things some people don’t want anyone to find. Things like corpses, secrets, and the motives to hide them.

Bindi’s and Margarita’s natural curiosity drew them to geocaching, but it also makes resisting a mystery impossible. Discovering hidden clues and unraveling webs of deceit may be second nature to them, but when they take on those willing to commit murder, it’s anyone’s guess who’ll be caching out next.

The full-length mystery series is aimed at cozy mystery lovers and geocachers alike, mixing enough GPS and geocaching technology to spice things up, but not so much that average mystery readers are left clueless.

Now available in omnibus!


  1. Just finished the second book an loved it! I can't wait for the third!!

  2. Hi Morgan! I found your first Caching Out book on Amazon when looking for another book with the same title by an author local to the Houston area. I ordered both books; yours arrived first so it got the first read. I thoroughly enjoyed it and eagerly look forward to reading the others. Thanks for a great story and a great mystery; you had me guessing to the end! Happy caching!! - “myrthman”