Emmaleigh Teagarden

Trés exciting!

When ten-year-old Emmaleigh Teagarden moves across the state, she leaves behind her friends, her school, and her beloved title of Tea Party Hostess. Once she starts school, she quickly makes two new friends who share her curiosity and love of learning. But between the scary hall monitor and a classmate with a strong opinion on what makes a good lunch, Emmaleigh isn’t so sure she fits in. When she goes looking for fairies in the forest behind her house, she discovers some mysterious black goo. Can Emmaleigh and her Clue Crew discover the goo’s secrets in time to save their ecology project—and Emmaleigh’s pink boots?

Emmaleigh Teagarden, Girly Girl Detective, is a mystery book for Middle Grade readers. Released July 2013. Available in print and ebook formats.

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